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Euro Speed Test Training

Race training for all ages and ability levels

Summer / Autumn Skiing Clinics


Welcome to BS Racing

Between the months of October to July we are training in Hintertux & Kaprun Austria then from July to October we move to El Colorado Chile.

Race training

From young potential FIS racers to world cup FIS racers our trainers are highly qualified being ex-international euro & world cup racers/coaches. The training staff hold so much knowledge and experience and are ready to coach you every step of the way and share their secrets to success with you.

We have chosen to offer 2 programmes, PERFORMANCE for FIS racers no more than 5 athletes in a group and DEVELOPMENT for potential FIS racers 8 – 9 athletes in a group.

Euro speed test training

We offer a training programme in Hintertux & Kaprun Austria and El Colorado Chile for all Basi and Iasi instructors wishing to train for the Euro test.

Summer & Autumn Technical skiing camps

Now is the time to learn and find that new technique with a BS Racing technical camp.

Hintertux & Kaprun glacier Weekly Camp

This time of the year the weather is great and the slopes are not over crowded allowing you to learn under a stress free environment and to cover every aspect of pieste skiing under a coaching designed programme.

El Colorado Chile 3 week camp

From 1 winter to the next El Colorado is 1 of the connected ski resorts linked to La Parva and Valle Nevado they are commonly known as the 3 valleys. The 3 valleys are the biggest and best connected ski resorts in the southern hemisphere, here training is at its best with great guaranteed snow conditions and numerous amounts of terrain to be used.

Summer & Autumn technical ski camps are aimed at skiers who feel comfortable and in control making maneuvers like parallel turns on reds with a consistent flow and hold the desire to learn new skills and ski with a new technique and philosophy.

from juniors to masters