Content Managed & eCommerce Websites

We create custom designed and developed Content Management Systems (CMS), allowing you to have full control and flexibility on your website. We also create custom themes for WordPress and other CMS's.

Using the latest eCommerce technologies, we design and develop powerful systems to sell your products easily online. We seamlessly integrate your custom website design into Magento, Paypal and many other eCommerce systems.


What do you receive from us?

Design stage

  • Strategic meeting with you and any associates relevant to the project. From this initial meeting we can fully understand the scope of your business and agree on a strategy which will drive the success of the job from design to completed development. We use this meeting to confirm any payment gateways's required and all other third party businesses which maybe involved with the project.
  • Research your competition and investigate what inspires you. This would have been discussed in the strategy meeting.
  • A step by step User Experience (UX) through the entire website. So you can see how easy your customers will navigate around the website and be taken to your products and purchase them easily.
  • Pixel Perfect designs of all required templates, presented in a clear and professional format. We liaise with you on every design template and make sure you are 100% happy with all aspects of the design before progressing to development.
  • If required, design mobile and tablet versions to ensure complete compatibility on all platforms and devices.

Development stage

  • Initial home page development, built from the signed off pixel perfect design.
  • Continued development of the entire website, including mobile and tablet versions.
  • Thorough testing, making sure the new website displays and functions perfectly on all modern browsers and devices.
  • After sign off we make the necessary arrangements to put the new website live on the chosen domain. We may need to purchase hosting, transfer domain names, set up email addresses. (Additional costs may be incurred).
  • Completed live website. We will also make a back up of your old website if applicable.